Monaco backs new rules on ship emissions

On May 14, Isabelle Rosabrunetto, Monaco’s Permanent Representative at the International Maritime Organisation, submitted to its Secretary-General the Instruments of Adhesion to the 1997...

Installation of solar panels at the Ecole des Révoires

Installed on the roof with a double exposure north-west and south-east, they will allow optimal solar capture.

Huge attendance for Pasqua’s Borderline at Oceanographic

Philippe Pasqua's exhibition Borderline, at the Oceanographic Museum, closed on January 7 having welcomed 455,000 visitors over the previous eight months. It was the first...

Space exploration film to premiere at Grimaldi Forum

Monaco will premiere the award-winning documentary film, The Last Man on the Moon, in English, at the Grimaldi Forum on Thursday, November 10. A panel,...

Riviera Electric Challenge 2019

The Riviera Electric Challenge will once again cross three countries and celebrate the use of electric vehicles in the professional sphere.

Energy Transition website now online

The Prince's Government continues to make available the information necessary for the transition to greener energy in the Principality. While work continues on the Energy...

Urgent action needed to save coral reefs from extinction

As part of the Monaco Ocean Week, an event promoting the International Coral Reef Initiative, of which Monaco is co-presiding alongside Australia and Indonesia until 2020, was held on March 26.

Testing oil spill response in real time

A vessel working on Monaco’s land extension has suffered a major hydraulic oil leak. This frightening scenario was the basis of a recovery exercise staged this week.