Interview: Simon Bernard, co-founder of Plastic Odyssey

A unique vessel powered solely by plastic waste is preparing to embark on the first-round-the-world expedition of its kind, raising awareness about plastics in our oceans and alternative options for recycling.

APIdays® celebrates 10th anniversary

The incredible work of bees, their protection and the role of beekeepers were all on the agenda as APIdays celebrated its 10 year anniversary with local school kids.

Monacology leaves a lasting impression on youth

Something as simple and festive as a helium balloon is actually very dangerous to sea life. This is just one of the lessons kids learned at Monacology.

Keep your ‘butts’ away from our beaches

Smokers are once again being asked to keep the Principality’s beaches clean and cigarette-butt free using free reusable ashtrays.

Monaco set to launch driverless bus

Monaco will be introducing free, self-driving, electric busses this summer on the Rock, as it continues its clean, green transition into the future.

‘Flowers for the bees’ at the Princess Antoinette Park

As part of the ‘Flowers for Bees 2019’ campaign, the French Observatory of Apidology will be hosting a special event at the Princess Antoinette Park.

Monaco’s turtle rehabilitation is making waves

Turtle preservation in the Mediterranean is getting a major boost thanks to a new research facility at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco.

Testing oil spill response in real time

A vessel working on Monaco’s land extension has suffered a major hydraulic oil leak. This frightening scenario was the basis of a recovery exercise staged this week.