YCM unveils 100% eco-friendly catamaran

The Principality is once again leading the way in sustainable solutions, this time with the creation of a zero-emissions catamaran that will serve the MYC.

India and Monaco’s sustainability ties

The first ever summit covering sustainable action in India and developing countries has been held in Monaco.

New electric taxis for the summer

A fleet of electric taxis are now available throughout the Principality, providing a much needed boost to services in the busy summer months.

Monaco and the fight against food waste

Statistics show that about one-third of all the food grown globally every year is either wasted or lost due to spoilage.

Oil leak at land extension site

A biodegradable hydraulic oil leak has been discovered aboard one of the ships involved in the construction of Monaco’s land extension project.  

Interview: Annabelle Jaeger-Seydoux, Director of Monaco’s Energy Transition

The Director of the Energy Transition Mission, Annabelle Jaeger-Seydoux, reveals what it takes to make the transition to a clean, green future.

Interview: world freediving champion and film director Julie Gautier

Monaco Life speaks to free diving world champion and breath hold film director Julie Gaultier about her passion for telling stories underwater.

Green indicators at historic level at Grimaldi Forum

Monaco’s largest events venue, the Grimaldi Forum, has achieved record breaking results in reducing its environmental impact.