Friday, February 15, 2019

End of holiday traffic blues expected around Monaco

The last weekend of August will see major congestion on French motorways, particularly along the Riviera. Delays and jams can be expected from Thursday.

Furious French drivers destroy more speed cameras

The introduction of lower speed limits on French roads has caused an upsurge in vandalism, the French press reports.

Public fireworks vote favours Bulgaria over Portugal

Bulgaria was chosen as the public's winner in the 2018 Fireworks Festival, after the official jury awarded first place to Portugal.

UK billionaire Sir Jim Radcliffe moves to Monaco

UK billionaire Sir Jim Radcliffe is to become a Monaco resident. His company, Ineos, has almost 20,000 employees in 24 countries.

Flags fly at half-mast in solidarity with Genoa

Monaco’s Government ordered that all flags on state properties be lowered to half-mast in solidarity with Italy’s day or mourning for Genoa.

Cross-border heroin trafficker detained by French police

A 55-year-old woman from Nice was arrested by French police last week and admitted bringing cocaine by train from Ventimiglia.

Prince Michel de Yougoslavie first Photography book celebrates Life

Prince Michel de Yougoslavie first photography book "Life" is available since last week and has been published by “d’Oro” Publishing House in Rome.

Drug dealer sentenced to 15 days in jail

A young man who arrived from Moselle with seventeen sachets of hashish in his pockets has been sent to jail in Monaco for 15 days.