Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Government / Civic

Government / Civic

Monaco votes to decriminalise abortion

In a major win for women’s rights in the Principality, the National Council last week voted unanimously to amend legislation relating to terminations.

Monaco welcomes it’s smallest residents

Monaco has celebrated the birth of 50 young Monegasque residents at a special ceremony at the Court of Honour in the Town Hall.

Monaco set to launch driverless bus

Monaco will be introducing free, self-driving, electric busses this summer on the Rock, as it continues its clean, green transition into the future.

Rendez-vous aux jardins

Spring is in full bloom and it is on display at the second annual Rendez-vous aux jardins. 

Traveller’s counsellor service at Princess Grace Hospital

Princess Grace Hospital is now offering a consultation service for people planning trips abroad where there may be a risk of contracting diseases.

World Environment Day 2019

The 5th June is World Environment Day, and this year's focus is on the air we breathe, and how change can come from a grassroots level.

Monaco unveils FlySafe programme

Monaco is becoming one of the first sovereign states to get on board with an innovative new unmanned aircraft management system. 

Boosting business relations with small states

The Monaco Economic Board has participated in the first Small States Business Forum in Becici.