Government / Civic

Government / Civic

Monaco at Europe’s top table

Monaco has taken part in the 67th session of the Regional Committee for Europe of the World Health Organisation. A Monegasque delegation, composed of Alexandre...

Monaco continues to take lead in fighting sickle cell disease

The fight against sickle cell disease has been a flagship programme of the Monegasque cooperation for more than 10 years.

The Graduate Integration Commission meets those involved with career guidance

A forthcoming VIP Workshop is planned in October to update the expertise of the career advisers in the various high schools in Monaco.

Monaco equips the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health with IT equipment

The Ministry of Public Health of Lebanon organized the official delivery of computer equipment for the Department in charge of Primary Health Centers.

Education service offers more “Zoom” opportunities in Monaco

Students preparing for further studies are being offered orientation information through Monaco’s National Education Information Center (CIEN), which is opening on several Saturdays starting...

DTC meets in Monaco with representative offices abroad

On Monday, November 13, Minister of Finance and Economy Jean Castellini opened the annual conference at the Fairmont Monte-Carlo Hotel of officials of the...

Monaco and the World Food Program

Monaco has taken part in a UN World Food Program gathering in Rome, where recent global efforts were discussed.

Monaco’s tech partnerships grow

Monaco’s partnership with the Eurecom Digital Science School at Sophia Antipolis is now expanding to include concrete themes such as smart city, future networks,...