Friday, January 18, 2019

Monaco takes part in annual session of Board of Directors of...

The annual session of the Board of Directors of the World Food Programme opened on June 18 with a high-level meeting on the Sahel

Monaco continues to take lead in fighting sickle cell disease

The fight against sickle cell disease has been a flagship programme of the Monegasque cooperation for more than 10 years.

E-health launched in the Principality

A mission to support the definition of a strategy for the development of e-health in Monaco has been entrusted to the company Ylios.

Government warns on tiger mosquitoes

The tiger mosquito measures less than one centimetre and is easily recognisable by its black and white stripes on the body, its legs and its totally black wings.

New Director of Princess Grace Hospital Centre appointed

The Prince's Government has chosen Benoîte de Sevelinges, currently Deputy Director of the Princess Grace Hospital Centre, to succeed Patrick Bini as Director of...

Digital health and medicine of tomorrow comes to Monaco

The fourth edition of e-HealthWorld, the Rendez-vous for e-health, research and innovation, will be held at the Fairmont Hotel from May 31 to June 1. Under...

GEMLUC presents large cheque to Monaco Research Team

The team working on Tumour Hypoxia and Metabolism at the Monaco Scientific Centre, supervised by Dr Jacques Pouysségur, CRNS Emeritus Director of Research, has...

Prince inaugurates new premises for health monitoring of civil servants

HSH Prince Albert inaugurated the new premises of the Office of Occupational Medicine (OMT, or Office de la Médecine du Travail) on the morning of Monday,...