Sunday, August 18, 2019

IMSEE stats for 2018

The year 2018 saw the lowest number of births in Monaco for the past 16 years, but it also recoded the lowest number of divorces in 30 years.

UN hosts ‘Monaco and the Ocean’ exhibition

In honour of the anniversary of Prince Albert II’s accession to the thrown, the UN is hosting an exhibition showcasing Monaco’s commitment to the environment.

Press gathers for 1st energy transition meeting

The government of Monaco has held its first information meeting with the press about the current situation regarding the Principality’s Energy Transition.

Berlin honours Prince Albert

The Monaco Embassy in Germany has honoured the anniversary of the Advent of S.A.S. Prince Albert II with a traditional reception at the prestigious setting of the Patrick Hellmann Schlosshotel.

New diplomatic ties with Cambodia

The Principality of Monaco and the Kingdom of Cambodia have officially established diplomatic relations through the signing of a Joint Communiqué.

In numbers: women in the workplace

New IMSEE figures have revealed where women are placed in the business world of Monaco, and the results are less than surprising.

Prince launches new electric bikes

Monaco is upping its game in the electric bike department, boosting its service by offering more bikes, more stations and a new easy-to-use system.

Graduates honoured at official reception

High school students who achieved excellent results in the 2019 baccalaureate have been received by the government of Monaco and a host of dignitaries during a special ceremony.