Monday, September 23, 2019

American Bar at Hotel de Paris awarded Hotel Bar of the...

The American Bar of the Hotel de Paris was elected "hotel bar of the year 2019" at the second annual European Hotel Awards 2019.

Experience Piemonte wine at the Fairmont in Monte-Carlo

Join Club Vivanova for an exclusive wine sampling party with a sensational selection of boutique wines from Malabaila di Canale in Piemonte.

French wine harvests ahead of the game

The earliest harvest in 15 years is already in full swing in the Champagne region - which has benefited most from the hot weather

French wine industry rebels against health warning labels

Labelling wine bottles with bigger health warnings will damage “the soul of France”, says a group of French top chateaus.

Monaco Insider: Will you be my Valentin?

Chef Simona Pastor and her wine expert husband, Pierpaolo Aimo, make a formidable couple at their traditional family restaurant at 27 ave de la...

Monaco Foodie: To Screw or Not to Screw

By Louise Simpson “What contemptible scoundrel stole the cork from my lunch?” Sitting down to write about corks vs screw caps, I think of this infamous...

Sommeliers to taste their own expertise

Monaco’s elite wine waiters will gather at the Hotel Meridien Beach Plaza on Friday, November 17, for the 26th annual Gala of the Monegasque Sommeliers,...

2018 a ‘make or break year’ for French wine

Perverse weather conditions, such as the late frost that destroyed much of France’s wine crop in its early stages this spring, along with drought conditions...