Monday, September 16, 2019

MEB leads Bavaria business operation

Monaco has led a promotional operation to Bavaria, one of the wealthiest regions in Europe, and it is expected to deliver concrete results for business.

Overall compliance with declared labour rules

A series of inspections has found a relatively low incidence of undeclared work in Monaco. The Labour Directorate recently carried out a series of checks,...

Business ties strengthened with St Petersburg

The Monaco Economic Board MEB has used the International Business Forum (SPIEF) held in June to further strengthen business ties with St Petersburg.

JCEM meeting to discuss life in the digital age

The JCEM is holding a breakfast conference at the Café de Paris to talk about technology and digital age advancements in Monaco.

Telecoms operators spring summer surprise

Telecom operators SFR, Bouygues and Orange appear to have taken advantage of the summer holidays to up the prices of some of their subscription...

MEB journeys to Australia

A Monaco Economic Board (MEB) delegation has headed to Sydney and Melbourne on a promotion and reconnaissance mission .

Council affirms its commitment to the digital transition

The Monaco City Council has affirmed its commitment to the government’s ambitious Extended Monaco program and outlined its various projects that form part of the transition.

Principality signs four cooperation agreements in Jakarta

SICCFIN and the FIU, participated in the EGMONT Group intersessional meeting held in Jakarta, Indonesia.