Thursday, April 18, 2019

Monaco’s Forum achieves extra energy savings

The Grimaldi Forum has further reduced its impact on the environment. Since the award of its ISO 14001 certification in October 2008, the Forum...

The retail of tomorrow is in Monaco

Retail experts will come together this March for the annual One to One Retail E-Commerce expo at the Grimaldi Forum.

France to tax yachts, supercars and precious metals

French President Emmanuel Macron’s abolition of the wealth tax soon after he took office was designed to stem the flow of millionaires from the...

Monaco plans to catch up on e-services

Monaco has what it takes to succeed in terms of resources and funding, it is a tool that will further increase the country's prosperity.

MONEYVAL Committee of the Council of Europe

the 57th Committee MONEYVAL plenary was held in Strasbourg - the Committee of Experts on the Evaluation of measures against money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Uppity Piketty does it again

Thomas Piketty, whose book “Capital in the Twenty First Century” became a surprise best-seller, has again courted controversy. This time, writing in Le Monde,...

TER fares, motorway tolls up in line with inflation

While January saw a slight decrease in prices in France, down 0.1 percent, inflation for the whole of 2017 was 1.4 percent. Largely on this...

Post Office refurbishment means 2-month closure

Due to modernisation and safety improvements being carried out by the Public Buildings Maintenance Department, the Herculis Monaco Post Office, at 12 Chemin de...