Thursday, July 18, 2019

Red Cross Ball marks 70th anniversary of inaugural fund-raiser

The "highlight of summer" was how HSH Prince Albert described the Monaco Red Cross Ball on Friday, July 28. The event also celebrated its 70th anniversary.

Cheers to finding balance with alcohol

The sun has finally returned, the beaches have opened and rosé-drinking season is about to begin (if it hasn't already done so for you!). There's...

IMSEE stats for 2018

The year 2018 saw the lowest number of births in Monaco for the past 16 years, but it also recoded the lowest number of divorces in 30 years.

A degree in finance Axel Sategna can take to the bank

Axel Sategna is one of thirteen students to complete the first year of the International University of Monaco’s “Monaco Banking and Financial Services” Bachelor Program. IUM’s Bachelor...

Zero fossil fuels at Monaco Boat Challenge

The YCM has thrown down the gauntlet for the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge, banning all fossil fuels from the event.

Home Truths on North Korea from Monaco

At the invitation of Roger Shine, on October 30, Aidan Foster-Carter gave a talk in his capacity as an expert on North Korea to...

One Monte Carlo luxury complex inaugurated

Monaco’s elaborate new complex One Monte Carlo has been inaugurated. Overlooking the world-famous Casino Square and boasting no less than 23 luxury stores, the residential complex lines a brand new promenade dedicated to Princess Charlene.

Junior Chamber is a picture of health at Yacht Club

Last week, JCI Monaco – the Junior Chamber International and also referred to as the Monaco Junior Chamber of Commerce, or JCEM– held another winning...