Monday, August 19, 2019

A Monaco Life Yacht Show Series 2017: Benjamin Demarchelier

Q&A with Benjamin Demarchelier, Club Manager Gustavia Yacht Club ML: St Barts was unfortunately not spared the wrath of hurricane Irma. What was that like for...

Ribolzi Gallery exhibits prominent Italian contemporary works

The Ribolzi Gallery in Monaco is hosting an exhibition of prominent Italian contemporary works as part of Monaco Art Week.

Transition Forum: accelerating solutions to save our planet

A forum aimed at speeding up the world’s transition to clean energy is once again being held in Monaco this June, backed by Prince Albert II.

Monaco strengthens friendship with Lebanon

Monaco has sent a delegation to Lebanon to discuss health, education and socio-economic integration of the most vulnerable populations.

Keep your ‘butts’ away from our beaches

Smokers are once again being asked to keep the Principality’s beaches clean and cigarette-butt free using free reusable ashtrays.

White Paper #5 – Top Tips for New Philanthropists

This article addresses the increasing interest by Families on how to be philanthropic, especially from the Millennial (18-35 year olds) members. Why give? There are many...

Traveller’s counsellor service at Princess Grace Hospital

Princess Grace Hospital is now offering a consultation service for people planning trips abroad where there may be a risk of contracting diseases.