Wednesday, September 26, 2018

No Finish Line Danse competition to raise funds for Children &...

On Sunday, April 15, the association Children & Future together with the M.A.D centre is organising the 10th No Finish Line Danse, a growing...

Saint Barth Photo Festival

The inaugural edition of Saint Barth Photo Festival will run through the summer, from July 20th to August 20th, and comprises a diverse and full program.

Monaco a natural venue for Transition Forum

Monaco Life publisher Eric Brundage interviewed Lionel Le Maux, founder and co-producer of the Monaco Transition Forum, held on June 26, 2018.

First giant caisson takes its place off Portier

The unveiling of the first caisson of the Portier land extension project marked a major step towards the realisation of the ambitious project.

What is urban agriculture?

What is urban agriculture? In a constantly urbanizing and environmentally challenged world, urban agriculture has provided us with the opportunity of one of the most beautiful solutions to keep us in contact with nature in the cities.

Monaco rejects UK extradition request

A former executive at Monaco-based Unaoil will not be extradited to the UK to face corruption charges, according to a report by MLex, the reputable media...

Prince Albert takes off in eco-air balloon from Place du Palais

As part of the "Next Generation Project", Monaco's Aeronauts are working on a world first: taking off with a new ecological balloon ride from...

Prince Michel de Yougoslavie first Photography book celebrates Life

Prince Michel de Yougoslavie first photography book "Life" is available since last week and has been published by “d’Oro” Publishing House in Rome.