Carrefour workers in Monaco set out their case

Photo: Facebook Carrefour Monaco
Photo: Facebook Carrefour Monaco

Carrefour strikers have provided local French daily Monaco-Matin with a list of grievances that they claim are not being taken seriously by management.

The employees say that Monaco’s Fontvielle outlet has lost a quarter of its staff over the last 10 years, despite the shop contributing excellent turnover and profit. They add that this is having an impact on “health and safety”.

“We were 380 in 2008, today we are more than 290, and we are not able to provide a quality service to customers. But the store is very profitable. It is between 11 and 13 million euros of profits year after year, and yet they have taken away 100 employees. Carrefour has only one idea: profitability to the detriment of staff and especially customers,” Amor Ben Hamida, union representative of the Carrefour Monaco store, told the paper.

The staff representatives claim that their rights are not respected, especially about Sunday work: “Sunday work is trivialised There is a law that exists today: six per year maximum and no more than two Sundays per month,” a spokesman said.
The staff has also complained about the employment of part-time workers to circumvent Sunday working regulations, and being pushed into working on Sundays because of low pay rates.

Carrefour workers in Monaco work 39 hours a week instead of 35 in France, and yet their gross salary is only one percent better, they claim. Finally, the disgruntled workers say that the management side operates with bad will in the negotiations.