Cannabutt case: Dealer conceals cannabis in posterior, sentenced 6 months

Palais de Justice Monaco Photo: Niels Mickers
Palais de Justice Monaco Photo: Niels Mickers

The search of a vehicle stopped by police at the Monaco border in June 2014 revealed 145g of cannabis resin. A further search of the three young passengers revealed a bar of 100g of narcotics concealed in the posterior of one of the dealers.

At the opposition hearing to the original sentence of prison terms of six and five months, President Florestan Bellinzona questioned the two defendants about how they came to possess the drugs and who they were destined for. The versions differed. One claimed that he had bought the resin for 450 euros with the idea of sharing it with a friend. The other insisted that they had been together and had been offered two bars. And who for? “A friend who was taking part in the poker tournament in Monaco phoned us for a few doses,” they say. So this is why you came to Monaco, deduced the magistrate. The main defendant refuted this. “I’m about to get married. My wife is expecting. I have changed …”

“Yet another version,” states the president, with disbelief. “You are putting it all on a third friend who was walking around with 145g of cannabis for resale?!”

The pair admitted to certain “arrangements” while in custody.

“They consume, buy in Nice to resell in Nice, concluded the prosecutor Cyrielle Colle. A large quantity of the cannabis was found in the rear of the first defendant, who denies the obvious and blames an absent friend. Sentenced to six months’ firm. A month less for the second. ”

The court will follow the prosecution’s demands to the letter.