Cancer prevention and well-being on Deck at Stars’n’Bars next week

Professor Henri Joyeux
Professor Henri Joyeux

Over two days next week Stars’n’Bars will be promoting better health with a cancer prevention talk and a conference on lifestyle and beauty.

On Tuesday, October 25, Henri Joyeux, a professor of cancer treatment and surgery, and Christine Bouguet-Joyeux, will be on the Star Deck of Stars’n’Bars at 2:30 pm to address the topic of cancer prevention. Tickets €15 (reserve on 377 97 97 95 95 or click here).

On the following day, October 26, a number of world-renowned experts on health, beauty and well-being will take part in a conference to better inform the public about the benefits of a improved diet and other strategies for a better life. The philosopher Doctor Laurence Vanin will be one of the speakers.

Mme Laurence Genevet of Epi Communication Monaco will chair the debates. The conference starts at 7:30 pm. Tickets (€18) are available at FNAC and other outlets.