Call for urgent action on migrants

Photo: Facebook MOAS/Giulio Piscitelli/Contasto
Photo: Facebook MOAS/Giulio Piscitelli/Contasto

The Italian authorities have been joined by the Deputy Mayor of Nice in calling for Europe to sit up and take notice and respond to the growing migration crisis, a problem likely to grow in the context of climate change.

In a statement on Monday, July 24, Marine Brenier, who is also a Deputy for the neighbouring Alpes-Maritimes, asked the French government and Europe to respond to the migratory pressure in the department and more particularly in Nice, as migrants make their way across Italy and into France.

“For several months, the Alpes-Maritimes department, and more particularly our French capital, have been assailed by people trying to get to England. Even today, nearly 200 migrants have arrived illegally in Nice,” she said.

“Remember that Cédric Herrou was sentenced to a €3,000 fine suspended by the Nice Criminal Court for helping foreigners in an irregular situation. The authorities have not appreciated the feeling of insecurity and the problems related to the passage of individuals, who are certainly suffering, but who, in a troubled security context, worry our fellow citizens and disrupt public order.”

Ms Brenier added that the government and Europe must accept their responsibilities in the face of an unstable situation and a migratory wave that will continue to increase over the years, “notably with the underestimated phenomenon of climate change”.


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