Cafe worker struggles with employer

A bizarre agreement between an employee and her boss has come to light during an investigation by the Federation of Trade Unions in Monaco. While working for the firm Le Plaisir du Palais, Beatrice di Peri (40) paid a cheque to her employer as a ‘guarantee,’ in exchange for which the employer changed the terms of her contract – making her employment permanent – in order for her to be able to raise a mortgage for an apartment, she claims.

For some time she was a familiar face at a refreshment bar at the Princess Grace Hospital, where she worked alongside a colleague.

She said: “”I worked for five years on a fixed-term contract, with three contracts: four years, one month and one year. And I needed to take a credit. The bank was asking me for a CDI. This was in December 2012. My boss had procrastinated then said to me: “We will make you a CDI in exchange for a cheque for 2,000 euros that will be cashed if we have to break the contract. So I gave a cheque for 2,000 euros to have a CDI.”

However, following an accident at work she was not able to continue with her job. The cheque was cashed. While the Trade Union Federation fights her case, Beatrice sent a letter to the Labor Inspectorate to explain her story.

“I am still waiting for the letter of dismissal from my employer and the reimbursement to my father of his 2,000 euros.”


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