Buyers’ club for Monaco state workers


The government has announced the setting-up of a buyers’ club for every individual working in the state administration. This “Group of Personnel of the Monegasque Administration” has been established as part of a plan to improve the recognition of their work, the government said on Wednesday, January 18.

A range of services called “Circle A” will enable the staff of the administration to improve their purchasing power, by negotiating preferential rates on services in the field of culture, leisure, travel, events and shows.

The beneficiaries are the staff and retired officials of the state, the Assemblies and Commissions, as well as the Prince’s Palace, the Town Hall and the Directorate of Judicial Services. Approximately 6,000 people are affected.

From the outset, the concern of the government was to favour local commerce. Thus, any merchant, craftsman, company, public entity or association of the Principality issuing goods or services to private individuals has been able to, or can still, offer an advantage or a discount by using the email address:

For its part, UCAM – the Union of Merchants and Artisans of Monaco – which has been associated from the beginning with this initiative, continues to inform and co-ordinate its members.

A secure website will be posted online at the beginning of February listing all the offers available to beneficiaries. Circle A will be enriched as it continues, and any idea or suggestion can also be sent to

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