Businessman kept wallet containing 12,000 euros

Monaco’s Criminal Court has been told that a 33-year-old Israeli living in Russia kept a wallet containing 12,000 euros he had found in the Fairmont Monte Carlo.

The resident, a father of three, committed the offence last August and was quickly apprehended by the police using video surveillance. When arrested, the defendant said that the wallet had contained 7,500 euros, but added that he was prepared to make up the difference in the two amounts.

He also told the police that he believed the wallet had fallen from his wife’s handbag, although video cameras told a different story. He was alone when he picked up the wallet.

Prosecuting counsel said that the accused earned 15,000 euros a month but had taken advantage of the opportunity to steal 12,000 euros. Prosecutor Cyrielle Colle called for a warning from the court and a fine corresponding to his monthly income to give him cause for reflection.

Defence counsel said that the defendant – absent from the hearing – was an honest businessman who suffered from a moment of weakness.

The court decided on a suspended prison sentence of 15 days.


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