British Boarding Schools Show

Parents in Monaco will have the chance to examine the best boarding school options abroad with the first ever British Boarding Schools Show in Monaco this September.

The show is an opportunity for parents located outside the UK to explore the life-changing educational opportunities available at British schools in a single day and a single place.

Parents will be able to make key introductions and speak one-on-one with the admissions directors and heads of top British boarding schools, as well as some of the leading educational experts from the UK.

They will also be able to meet current Monaco parents with children in British schools and attend seminars on transfer into the UK system.

It’s a great way way to find out about entry requirements, explore scholarships and bursaries and to get answers to specific questions.

The event will be held on Thursday 19th September from 12pm to 5pm at the Farimont Hotel, Monte Carlo.

Family tickets are free. For information visit the booking website.