Brasil Monaco Project fights cancer

IMG_0295Monaco’s approach to fighting cancer of the uterus has been exported to Brazil. Doctors working in this field and representatives of the Brazilian state took part in a forum on the topic on June 2 in Porto Alegre.

Forum leader Dr Paulo Naud invited Professor Franco Borruto, representative of the Department of Social Affairs and Health of Monaco, and Dr Rengaswamy Sankaranarayanan of the World Health Organisation, to shed light on the current situation in Brazil and around the world.

A pilot project for the eradication of cervical cancer in the city of São Pedro do Sul has been set up using the Monegasque health model as an example. A cooperation agreement between Brazil and the Brasil Monaco Project, an intermediary for the Principality of Monaco, was signed by Mayor Victor Doeler, MP Liziane Bayer and Luciana de Montigny, President of the Brasil Monaco Project (pictured on homepage).

André de Montigny, Honorary Consul of Brazil in Monaco, has also said that he fully supports the partnership that facilitates the exchange of information and expertise in the fight against the second cause of mortality among women.


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