Boulevard du Jardin Exotique set for renovation

The Urban Planning Department held a press briefing on the renovation of the urban networks that will take place on the Boulevard du Jardin Exotique, from October 8th. The event was held in the presence of the various concessionaires who will undertake the works: the Monegasque Company of Electricity and Gas (SMEG), Monaco Telecom, the Monegasque Company of Waters (SMEAUX), the Monegasque Company of Sanitation (SMA ) and the company SIVIA’M.

Jean-Luc Puyo, Director of Urban Planning, said, “These operations concern the renovation of the various networks, obsolete (most of them date back to the 1950s) and undersized, which are now indispensable and will be carried out in stages and the methods used will limit the impact on the traffic and noise.”

Boulevard du Jardin Exotique
Press point Improvement of the Exotic Garden Network – Jean-Luc Puyo, Urban Planning Director: “We have been working for many months on this project, which was designed in coordination with the Concession Services. are aware of the inconvenience to which we will try to bring technical and technical solutions.Once realized, these works, become indispensable, will lead to a noticeable improvement of the quality of life “. photo: Michael Alesi © Directorate of Communication

Jean-Luc Puyo then listed the main actions that these renovations will allow.

  • Preventive replacement of a significant portion of the electricity distribution network
  • The increase of power supply capacities of electric cables
  • The creation of a “rainwater” network separated from the wastewater network
  • Renovation of the Monaco Telecom telephone network for a more modern, secure and efficient network
  • The removal of telephone cables currently in front of buildings,
    including those of the cable network
  • The eligibility of cables for new technologies, especially optical fiber
  • The replacement of a SMEaux pipeline for the perpetuation of the public network, the comfort of the subscribers and the evolution of the urbanization of the Principality.

    The first phase of the work, programmed in eight micro-phases, will last about six months. It will start on October 8th at the base of the Jardin Exotique, near the Sainte Devote interchange, and will end before the Grand Prix 2019, at the roundabout of the bd of Belgium.