Bôcca, Cirque du Soleil’s special performances in Monaco

As part of the Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival, Cirque du Soleil will be in town for four nights from 15th to 19th August, presenting a show like you’ve never seen before.

Bôcca, Cirque du Soleil

This is Cirque du Soleil like you’ve never seen it before. Bôcca is a completely unique spectacle combining two arts: culinary and acrobatic, for an evening no one will soon forget.

Taking dinner and a show to whole new heights, chefs working in a “pop-up” kitchen purpose built for the show will create an exceptional feast. As each course is served, the Canadian-based acrobats will perform daring stunts and beautifully choreographed entertainments. Timing is everything in both of these milieus, so there is sure to be a certain amount of tension and excitement throughout.

Proper attire is required, including dinner jackets for men, so pull out your best glad rags and make a night of it.

For those unable to get tickets, the Cirque du Soleil troupe will be on hand at the Place du Casino to give everyone a chance to witness the magic. Ticket prices start at €304.


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