Biodanse fun at Exotic Gardens

Biodanse © Ezio Bertone
Biodanse © Ezio Bertone

Terres méditerranéennes (Mediterranean Lands) will be holding the next recreational workshop at the Exotic Gardens of Monaco on Saturday, November 25. Although these events are aimed at children of five and over, the whole family is invited to participate.

The theme of the session will be ‘Biodanse,’ led by Ezio Bertone.

Those attending are invited to share dances and games, exchange emotions and smiles to grow together in a happy and relaxing atmosphere. The event will run from 14:30 to 16:30. Reservations can be made by emailing or calling  06 22 800 166, specifying the name and age of the children.

The workshop is free and membership in the association is 25 euros per child / 40 euros for 2 children / 55 euros for 3 children. The events are supported by the Exotic Gardens and the Monaco City Hall.


The numbers are in: 10,000 turn out for dance festival