Belgian resident sent to jail … for third drunk-driving offence

airbagThe director of a large international company offering diet products has been found guilty of drunk driving and insulting and assaulting police officers.

The Monaco Criminal Court was told that the defendant had decided to celebrate International Women’s Day with a friend and had drunk considerably more than he should have. His Porsche Cayenne hit a barrier on ave des Castelans in Fontvieille with enough violence for the airbags to be detonated. When getting into the ambulance with his passenger, the driver lashed out with his feet, the court was told.

Later, when sober, he denied his actions. The President of the court pointed out to the accused that it was not his first offence for drunk driving, but his third. His defending lawyer said that his client, a doctor, suffered from psychological problems. An order for him to undergo professional treatment would be welcome, she said. Sending him to jail would cause significant problems as he was a director in charge of one hundred scientific researchers and other employees.

However, the court decided to follow the request of the prosecution, and sent him to jail for two months.



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