Beausoleil supports National Front

Photo: Remi JDN
Photo: Remi JDN

The first round of the French regional elections gave resounding victory to the National Front, with Marion Marechal-Le Pen far ahead of The Republicans and the Socialists in the Paca region, with more than 41 percent of votes cast.

The FN victory was even more marked in Beausoleil, just over the border from Monaco, where 44.34% of votes were cast for the ant-immigration party. Christian Estrosi’s Republicans won 34.57% of the vote, with the Socialists winning just 8.59 percent and the Greens 4.48 percent.

Just days before the poll a number of large businesses and media outlets launched an attack on the National Front, claiming that a vote in support of the rightist party would destabilise France. A surge in personal support for President Francois Hollande in the wake of the November 13 atrocities in Paris failed to translate into votes for his socialist party. Voting in the second round takes place next Sunday, December 13.