Baroness to hold three-day sale for charity at Fairmont

One of Monaco’s foremost philanthropists is offering part of her collection of clothes, shoes and accessories in a charity sale to take place over three days in Monaco.

Baroness Marianne Brandstetter

Baroness Marianne Brandstetter, who believes that the rich have a duty to help the poor, is offering 72 pairs of shoes, 56 handbags and evening bags, more than 50 hats, 15 fantasy wigs and hundreds of dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, coats, and swimwear, dozens of pairs of gloves, costume jewellery and other items on July 27, 28, and 29 In the Salon Mistrau of the Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel.

The total amount collected will go entirely to the Guardian Angels of Monaco, the Association that every Monday evening visits the homeless people in Nice, with volunteers bringing food, sleeping bags, blankets, hygiene products, warmth and a little sweetness to around 400 people, as well as helping children, mothers and the elderly.

The Baroness currently lives between a suite at the Fairmont in Monaco, a loft in New York overlooking Central Park, an apartment in one of the most sumptuous condominiums in Miami Beach (the Portofino Tower), and a Swiss chalet.

“I was very lucky in my life and I find it normal to share this chance with those who have less,” the Baroness said. This will be the Baroness’s second charity sale in the Principality.