Barclays Monaco finishes third in No Finish Line


The Barclays Monaco & Fight Aids team achieved an incredible overall 3rd place at the 17th No Finish Line that took place the third week of November.

More than 220 Barclays colleagues and families in Monaco joined 30 members of the Fight Aids Monaco Association to participate in the annual No Finish Line (NFL), a Monegasque sporting event organised by the Children & Future Association, and one of the most important charity events in the Principality.


In 2015 the Barclays Monaco team collectively ran 8,000km and raised €8,000, claiming the top spot for the Banking category.

This year, and to further demonstrate Barclays’ commitment to this great cause, the team raised the bar and set its objective at 10,000 km.

To motivate the team, Marketing and Events colleagues organised NFL on-site morning events to create engagement, to build motivation, and to start the challenge with morning laps before the teams headed to the office. Following that, three colleagues continued the challenge over 24 hours, fighting fatigue and sleep deprivation to reach the incredible achievement of 10,321 km, raising €10,321 and placing Barclays in the 3rd place position (and 1st place again in the Banking challenge).

Francesco Grosoli, Chief Executive Officer–Wealth & Investment Management, EMEA & Monaco branch, commended the Barclays’ team on this year’s achievement: “I am very proud of the team and the way they pushed themselves beyond their limits for this great initiative. It is this same drive and determination to achieve excellence that allows us to continue delivering our best to our clients, the community and the Principality. Our commitment to Monaco is as solid as the Rock.”

Top Barclays staff performers with a distance covered of more than 100 km: Julien Gallo (101 km), Laurent Rumiano (102 km), Richard Boch (103 km), Ladan Natali (110 km), Josephine Puons (110 km), Michel Artieri (117 km), Martine Frost (117 km), Gerald Mathieu (124 km), Ulf Dagele (133 km), Jerome Maman (187 km), Alexia Chapey (196 km), Emma Petrini (200 km), Aristide Traore (203 km), Ivana Liegeois (207 km), Gary Gueye (281 km) and Lorenzo Turco (298 km), who completed the most laps (213) for the team and placed 67th overall.

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