Back to school in the Principality

Isabelle Bonnal, Director of National Education, Youth and Sports attended the Ecole de la Condamine on the first day of the school year on Monday, September 10.

Rentree 2018

This school is the pilot school for an experimental dress code, tested last year by pupils of classes CP, CE1. and CE2, and extended this year to all students in this school.

The 169 students of kindergarten classes (Small, Medium and Large Section) of the school of Condamine are now hosted at Ecole Stella. With the opening of this new facility, the Government said it is improving the conditions for primary school children attached to the Condamine district.

Isabelle Bonnal, accompanied by Patrice Cellario, Minister of the Interior, then went to the FANB school and the Lycée Albert Ier. The Principality has a total of 5,749 students in full-time education, 4,501 in the public sector and 1,248 in the private sector under contract.