Autoroute operator takes to Twitter

Photo: Twitter Vinci Autoroute
Photo: Twitter Vinci Autoroute

Motorway operator Vinci Autoroutes has warned of exceptionally heavy traffic on the last weekend of the school holidays. The A8 motorway between Aix-en-Provence and the Italian border is going to be packed from late morning Saturday September 2, until early evening Sunday September 3.

While motorists will be able to avoid the worst of the heavy traffic be setting off very early or very late in the day, Vinci has also said that it will be able to inform drivers of real-time conditions via its Twitter account (@Vinci Autoroutes) with maps of journey times posted every two hours.

“At a glance, online users will be able to visualise the travel time on the main axes of the network,” Vinci communicated. However, conditions can change quickly, especially in the event of accidents, and Vinci’s Twitter helper will remain only a forecast.


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