August rolls in with season’s second heatwave

Météo-France has predicted temperatures five or six degrees above normal for season during the week beginning July 31 and has issued an orange alert to warn of the dangers. Humidity will also be very high, up to 70 percent instead of the usual 50 percent, giving a tropical feel.

Carros recorded 33 degrees on Monday, and Lantosque 39 degrees. Temperatures in Monaco are expected to be above 30, and as high as 33 for the rest of the week. A thin veil of high cloud on Tuesday may mitigate the temperature just a little, with peak heat expected on Thursday and continuing until Sunday.

There will be little relief at night, with low temperatures of 25 degrees expected all week. The normal temperature for early August is 21°C at night. Residents are advised to take what precautions they can, including avoiding the outdoors during the hottest house of the day.

A few tips for coping with the hot weather:

  • Residents should avoid being outdoors during the hottest hours, from 11 am until 5 pm, and avoid energetic exercise.
  • Take a siesta in the early afternoon if possible
  • Drinking water before becoming thirsty is also essential to better help the body manage the warmer temperatures, so aim for at least one and a half litres of water each day.
  • Avoid alcohol, coffee, tea, sodas and sweetened drinks which dehydrate the body
  • During periods of intense heat, it’s advisable to check on relatives, particularly the elderly
  • Pet owners should limit dog’s exercise, keep an eye on the water dish and cool them off in a tub or with a wet towel. Dogs sweat mainly through their paws so a fan may not be an effective coolant.
  • The Princess Grace Hospital Centre number is +377 97 98 99 00.



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