Atrocities such as Marseille ‘can be avoided’ says Mayor of Nice

Photo: Twitter Gérard Collomb (@gerardcollomb)
Photo: Twitter Gérard Collomb (@gerardcollomb)

The Mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, has claimed that a terror attack such as Sunday’s incident in Marseille in which two young women died, could be avoided thanks to the use of ‘intelligent’ cameras.

“It is possible to avoid such type of attacks,” he said on Monday on France Info.
“As soon as the software detects suspicious behaviour in someone’s movement, attitude, ways of moving, the cameras can detect signs of danger that can allow the police to mobilise,” he said.

He also called for more help from the European Union and member states to fight the dangers of extremism.

On Saturday, the day before the atrocity in which the two young medical students were stabbed while waiting on a platform of Marseille’s main railway station, the former minister of justice in Nicolas Sarkozy’s government and serving European Parliament member Rachida Dati, told a conference of mayors in Nice that French jihadis could be targeted by drones.

Dati said that it would have been better to let Islamists go to war zones such as Syria rather than keep them in France, where they have become bombs on a time fuse.

“It is no longer acceptable that a whole country, a continent, can be held by the neck by determined individuals with nothing to lose,” she said.

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Photo: Twitter EUterrornews
Photo: Twitter EUterrornews