Aston Martin to debut at yacht show

aston-martin-quintessence-am37Aston Martin’s highly anticipated move into the marine industry is only weeks away with the luxury carmaker revealing that its first powerboat, the AM37, will make its world debut in Monaco at the end of this month.

But the auto manufacturer continues to keep most of the details of the AM37 a closely guarded secret, Steve Laguye writes in

What it has revealed is that the Aston Martin AM37, which will be available in two different model variations, will have the same colour palette option as the Aston Martin cars.

The first AM37 will be painted in one of the most spectacular shades on the Aston Martin palette, ocellus teal – maritime, which , according to the luxury car manufacturer, is a contemporary colour that merges paint technology and the latest trends to create an eye-catching and subtle visual effect.

A vast choice of colours will enable each AM37 to be personalised by its owner and even provide them with the opportunity to have a matching Aston Martin car and boat.

James Hall, sales director for Quintessence Yachts – Aston Martin’s marine partner, said that while offering a metallic finish on yachts was not new, the range of colours has been limited until now.

“Being able to select from the Aston Martin range allows AM37 owners to create a genuinely unique vessel which stands out from the crowd and is exceptionally personal,” Mr Hall said.

Although the colours will be the same, the makeup of the paint will be to marine specifications using a special system that will ensure the highest possible standards of durability and quality.

The Aston Martin AM37 will make what is sure to be a spectacular debut at the Monaco Yacht Show that will run from September 28 to October 1.