Anti-noise wall to be tested in Fontvieille

Photo: DR
Photo: DR

On Friday, April 27, the Department of the Environment will conduct a test to measure the noise reduction levels of anti-noise barriers recently installed in Fontvieille.

Starting at 6 am, a loudspeaker will broadcast continuously over a period of 15 to 30 minutes a standard sound called “pink noise”, similar to that of a torrent or a waterfall. Acoustic measurements will be made on both sides of the protective panels.

“We strive to reduce nuisances to the maximum and are constantly looking for new devices that can help reduce them,” said Jean-Luc Puyo, Director of Urban Planning (DAU).

Valérie Davenet, Director of the Environment, added: “To accurately evaluate the effectiveness of these noise barriers, it’s important to perform this test very early in the morning, in an environment without any noise pollution.”

These “green wall” sound barriers were installed by the DAU at the same time as road works on Quai Jean-Charles Rey. Their goal: to reduce noise pollution that can impact residents, port users and passers-by.


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