Annual Public Report 2016 presented to Prince

Prince Albert with Commission member Paul Hernu

The report deals with the activities of the Commission during the past year and analyses the reports presented during the year.

For the most part, the Commission has devoted its activities to auditing the accounts and the budgetary and financial management of the State.

During the year, the Superior Commission of Accounts also continued the audit of two public institutions, the New National Museum and the Scientific Centre of Monaco. It has also conducted the examination of the accounts of the Commune, and the corresponding report will be mentioned in the public report of next year.

In addition, the Commission is continuing its examination of social assistance, which an expert analysed in 2016, the results of which will be used in subsequent reports on the State, the Commune and the Office for Social Protection.

Finally, the Commission carried out two sets of inquiries, at the request of the Government of the Principality, concerning the functioning of the embassy authorities and the impact of the public service pension scheme on the state budget. It made recommendations to achieve a better balancing of the system.

The organisation of the Commission was also marked by the appointment of a new member, Paul Hernu, to replace Jean-Louis Beaud de Brive, who had resigned. This appointment was made effective by Sovereign Ordinance No. 6.219 of December 23, 2016.


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