America takes centre stage at Monaco Classic Week

The Yacht Club of Monaco’s 14th edition of Monaco Classic Week opens Wednesday with a distinctly American flavour.


This year, American heritage yachting takes front and centre with a veritable flotilla of magnificent 20th century boats on display. Some of the stand-outs include schooners such as Puritan (1930) designed by naval architects Nathaniel Herreshoff and John G. Alden, Albert Stanton Chesebrough’s Invader (1905), and a selection from legendary builders Sparkman & Stephens like Skylark (1937), Comet (1946), Argyle (1948) and the Presidential yacht for John F Kennedy, Manitou (1937).

On a return visit to the Principality is the 1921 steam yacht built for Horace Dodge, of automotive fame, the SS Delphine. The Delphine was nearly for the scrap heap when it was bought in 1997, was totally restored and then rechristened by Princess Stephanie in 2003.

The celebrations will begin on Wednesday 11th September with a rousing performance by Toulon’s naval military band of John Phillip Sousa’s Stars and Stripes Forever.

An ‘American Village’ of stunning vintage Chris Craft power boats, built for cruising around lakes and the preferred choice of the fantastically rich from the early part of the last century, rounds out the theme.

Monaco Classic Week was created in 1994 to celebrate Prince Albert II’s 10th anniversary as YCM’s president and has welcomed not only incredible sailing vessels over the years, but motor yachts as well, some dating as far back as 1904.

The event will run from 11th to 15th September.