All Saints traditional fair opens Friday in Monaco

Photo; Monaco Life
Photo; Monaco Life

As every year, it’s the end of October and the approach of the All Saints’ school holidays marks the return of the traditional fair – the Foire Attractions – at Port Hercule.

The 4-week amusement fair with 80 stalls, rides and attractions will open on Friday, October 20, at 2 pm and close on Monaco’s National Day, Sunday, November 19, at 11 pm.

Various rides on Quai Albert Ier – Pulsion, AtmosFear, Tagada and Astrojet – should appeal to big and small, and this year, Aviator will be a novelty for adults and teenagers.

As always, gourmet stands will offer the traditional pancakes, waffles, and other snacks.

Public safety checks, introduced last year, will again be in place, providing greater security as the Town Council makes every effort to strike the right balance between security and friendliness.

Access to the fair attractions will be via seven entrances on the upper and lower parts of Quai Albert Ier. Checks will be carried out at each of them, and those attending should carry only small bags to simplify these operations.

The Fair will be open until midnight each Friday and Saturday and on October 31. On November 18, a fireworks show is scheduled at 8 pm as part of the National Holiday celebrations.

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