Airport bedlam as IT glitch grounds planes

A technical malfunction this week left at least 127 British Airways flights cancelled and more than 300 delayed at the height of summer travel season.

It was a bad day to be a BA traveller on Wednesday”. Long queues, flight cancellations and endless waiting turned passenger’s moods from “holiday jovial” to downright angry. A problem reportedly involving the company’s check-in systems created massive disruptions, forcing many flights to be seriously delayed or cancelled outright. 

BA claimed the system failures affected only London airports, but Nice Côte d’Azur and other European destinations also felt the effects, as incoming flights carrying holiday makers and loved ones failed to appear or were delayed by up to five hours.

In an attempt to try to keep at least limited flight service available, the airline’s employees shifted to slower-moving manual and back-up systems, with mixed success.

Things are slowly going back to normal, but BA warns of “knock on effects” due to the disruption.

Some affected flyers may be eligible for compensation, as well as refunds of the ticket price under EU statutes. The rules say that in some cases when flights are delayed by two hours or more, or cancelled, recompense can be requested.