Accounts Commission takes note of energy expenditures

The Superior Commission of Accounts has presented the 2017 Annual Public Report to HSH the Sovereign Prince.

Available on the Government website, the report deals, in application of the Sovereign Ordinance of July 2, 2008, with the activities of the Commission during the past year.

In the course of 2017, the Supreme Audit Committee carried out a review of the accounts and the management of the State in 2016.

Monaco Palace

Audits were carried out on the accounts and the management of the Scientific Center of Monaco (fiscal years 2007 to 2014), the Post Office in Monaco (fiscal years 2012 to 2015) and the New National Museum of Monaco (fiscal years 2009 to 2015). In 2017, the Higher Audit Commission started an audit of the Princess Grace Hospital Center, which should be completed in 2018.

Finally, the Commission carried out three sets of investigations, at the request of the Prince’s Government, concerning, respectively, the procedure for the carry-over of credits, the amortisation of items of expenditure and energy expenditures.

Meanwhile, the Campaign Audit Commission has just submitted to the Minister of State its report on the costs incurred by the three parties that competed in the last national elections, which took place in February 2018.

The accounts of each of the parties were validated and remained within the ceiling of 320,000 euros set by law. Detailed reports of the spending of “Priority Monaco”, “Horizon Monaco” and “Union Monégasque” were published in the Journal de Monaco, the Principality’s official gazette, on Friday, August 3.