A Picina Bibliuteca: a self-service participatory library

A participatory library, a project led by the Urban Planning Department (DAU), has recently been installed in the Jardin de l’Âne, near the Ecole de Fontvieille.

The goal of A Picina Bibliuteca: provide 2nd life to the works (or DVD) by depositing and borrowing some others. Its content is thus continually renewed.

The design of the structure was designed by the Venezuelan architects of Stereotank, based in New York, whose plans are open-source. The concept was, with their agreement, taken over and transformed by the DAU. The deposited structures are also protected from bad weather: the inner wall has in fact been made of Plexiglas.

Photo credit : © Manuel Vitali / Directorate of Communication
Photo credit : © Manuel Vitali / Directorate of Communication

The concept should be developed in other places of the Principality.

Do not hesitate to serve yourself and to deposit the books you want to separate and that will benefit others!