A new way to FLOAT in style along the Med

A startup that aims to introduce the world of yachting to a new and wider market has just launched. FLOAT enables users to book luxury yacht charters individually, with prices starting from as low as €99 per person.

FLOAT operates its yachts on a number of scheduled routes as shuttles. Each cruise is designed to include time to swim from the yacht, lunch at some of the world’s top beach restaurants and, of course, champagne on board.

Founded by Gualtiero Giori, CEO of 21st Luxury and former owner of Camper & Nicholsons, and Dimitri Semenikhin, CEO of Yacht Harbour, FLOAT will start the season by operating a series of routes around Monaco and St Tropez ahead of a planned expansion to Miami and the Bahamas by the winter.

The pair say they want to bring users a true yachting experience at a price more than 20 times lower than renting out a boat for a day charter. FLOAT achieves these lower costs by letting users purchase individual tickets through its app or website as opposed to chartering the whole boat.

“After working with billionaires and celebrities, amongst others, for their superyacht needs as owner of Camper & Nicholsons, I wanted everyone to be able to enjoy yachting, which meant making it more accessible and simpler to enjoy, hence the creation of FLOAT,” said Mr Giori.

Mr Semenikhin added, “FLOAT brings a level of efficiency and innovation to yachting that the sector was previously lacking. In addition to exposing a whole new demographic to yachts, FLOAT’s tech platform drastically reduces the complexity of chartering a yacht with its instant booking function and removes price as a barrier of entry,”

Jean-Jacques Boude, a former executive at Camper & Nicholsons International, has been appointed to run FLOAT’s operations as CEO. The first shuttles will start immediately, and the company plans to expand its number of routes and fleet in the near future.

The startup is also planning a membership programme enabling members to gain unlimited access for a yearly fee.

Download the app from iTunes.