A Monaco Yacht Show Series Original: Sylvester S. Marinov 

Q&A with Sylvester S. Marinov, founder of Monaco-based SSMARINOV-YLC

sylvesterML: How did you end up in Monaco and start your own yacht service company?
SSM: I was born in Bulgaria but grew up in Sweden, and the French Riviera and Monaco have always been quick getaway destinations for Scandinavians. I used to come here to visit friends for “Svensk Midsommar”, the Swedish Midsummer and, of course, I came for the Monaco Grand Prix.

In Sweden, I worked in the hotel and spa industry and while I loved it, I felt that it was starting to take over my life and that I needed a break.

During one GP weekend, I met up with a friend who’d been telling me for ages that I should move and do something else. That time I didn’t need much persuading.

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