A Monaco Life Yacht Show Series 2017: Sergei Dobroserdov

Sergei Dobroserdov, Founder & CEO of Monaco-based Dynamiq
Sergei Dobroserdov, Founder & CEO of Monaco-based Dynamiq

Q&A with Sergei Dobroserdov, Founder & CEO of Monaco-based Dynamiq

ML: Dynamiq is a Monegasque superyacht builder. Tell us about the company.
SD: Dynamiq is a Monaco-based builder of superyachts with a unique functionality. As an experienced yachtbroker and designer, I started the brand in 2011, and assembled a “dream team” of world thinkers, designers and naval architects to design and fine-tune a new concept in yachting.

Dynamiq is also the first company in the superyacht industry to introduce an Online Configurator, allowing our yachts to be easily and transparently customised down to the last detail. Our yachts are built in a modern facility in Viareggio on Italy’s Tuscan coast under strict supervision and meticulous quality control.

ML: What are Dynamiq’s GTT models?
SD: Using leading-edge technology and elaborate hydrodynamic research, Dynamiq has created a family of all-aluminium yachts that combine the 20-knot-plus maximum speeds of sport cruisers with the comfort and 3,000-mile range of displacement vessels. We call this new yacht category Gran Turismo Transatlantic, or GTT for short. Each Dynamiq can be customised with a wealth of luxurious and functional options, right down to the last detail, via our pioneering Online Configurator. Each custom feature shows exact prices and delivery dates that are updated in real time.

We have redefined what customer service in yacht buying and building is all about.

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