A Monaco Life Yacht Show Series 2017: Serena Hawkins

Serena Hawkins Yacht Club Photo: Kaidi Photography
Serena Hawkins Yacht Club Photo: Kaidi Photography

Q&A with Serena Hawkins, Commercial Director VIP Market, Avinco

ML: Tell us a little about yourself and how you ended up in Monaco in 2012?
SH: Monaco is undeniably an ideal base if you work in the luxury market, which both my husband and I happen to do. The weather is also significantly better than back home in the UK, though I do travel back and forth regularly for my job.

ML: You are currently Commercial Director VIP Market at Avinco Helicopters. Tell us about the company and also the competitiveness of the helicopter market.
SH: Avinco is one of the largest helicopter sales specialist and has been based in Monaco since 2008, although it also has offices in New York, Dublin and Singapore, and a fully international team of experts to advise its customers worldwide.

As commercial Director at Avinco Private, I take care of the purchase and sales of corporate and VIP aircraft – primarily helicopters.

This is a very competitive market on a global scale, but with the backing and reputation of Avinco and our worldwide network it has proven a strong segment for us.

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