A Monaco Life Yacht Show Series 2017: Daniela Boutsen

Daniela BoutsenQ&A with Daniela Boutsen, founder Boutsen Design

ML: How did you end up in Monaco?
DB: I grew up in Berlin, back when the Wall served as the horizon. It was there that I met my husband Thierry Boutsen and we moved to Monaco together.

ML: When did you start Boutsen Design?
DB: Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved design and exquisite objects. During art school I discovered a passion for fine tableware during an apprenticeship at the renowned porcelain manufacturer KPM in my native Berlin. Later in life I joined my husband’s company Boutsen Aviation, which specialises in selling business jets, and when a client commissioned me to outfit the entire interior of his aircraft, Bousten Design came to be in 2012. I knew this is where I could put my love of design to good use.

Thierry and I don’t work together; we are in the same industry and obviously collaborate, but our offices and teams are apart.

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