Thursday July 24, 2014 10:40
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Monday, 6 January 2014 0:03 | Author: Ian Brodie

EXCLUSIVE: JP Construction losses may top 5 million

MONACO BUSINESS, JP CONSTRUCTION: The scale of losses involved in the collapse of Monaco company JP Construction is becoming clear as new victims come forward. The total sum is now believed to be in excess of five million euros, most of it owing to clients with a significant proportion outstanding to suppliers and sub-contractors...

Tuesday, 10 December 2013 14:43 | Author: Ian Brodie

JP Construction victims meet in Monaco

MONACO BUSINESS, JP CONSTRUCTION: Several victims of Monaco company JP Construction met in Monaco today to consider detailed options following the collapse of the company and the disappearance of its owners. The first step decided at the meeting will be to spread the word in Monaco and across the Riviera in order to find more victims, with a view to appointing a lawyer and seeking legal redress...

Friday, 6 December 2013 10:46 | Author: Ian Brodie

Monaco Government starts JP probe

MONACO NEWS, MONACO BUSINESS: The Monegasque Government is investigating the circumstances surrounding the collapse of JP Construction, the Monaco-registered company that ceased work on its building sites two weeks ago leaving many clients out of pocket and in difficult circumstances. Inspectors have been instructed to visit the firm's offices to ascertain in the first place that it is no longer doing business, the Government says...

Friday, 29 November 2013 6:45 | Author: Ian Brodie

JP victims organise response

MONACO NEWS, JP CONSTRUCTION: Unhappy clients of JP Construction are directing their complaints to the Monaco Police after the Monaco-registered company ceased trading last week. Several customers of the firm appear to have lost large amounts, with total losses reaching seven figures. Meanwhile, the whereabouts of John Olsen and Peer Pedersen remain unknown. The company's mainly Polish workforce was laid off last week without notice and worksites were abandoned during the day on Thursday…

Thursday, 28 November 2013 7:35 | Author: Ian Brodie

Major losses in JP failure

MONACO NEWS, JP CONSTRUCTION: The losses to clients stemming from the collapse of Monaco-registered JP Construction are considerably higher than first feared. Although no total is known at present, one individual client lost a million euros. "I believe they were waiting to cash my cheque," he told Monaco Today

Tuesday, 26 November 2013 19:45 | Author: Ian Brodie

Building firm ceases to trade

MONACO BUSINESS, JP CONSTRUCTION: A building company registered in Monaco has ceased trading, leaving many clients out of pocket and very angry. JP Construction, registered at 20 blvd. Princesse Charlotte, as a Societe a Responsibilite Limitee, has laid off its workforce of about 100, many of them Polish, and no-one is working at the office it shares with another business after the company's secretary left after having to face several angry clients…

Monaco Paws...

Monaco's residents love their dogs. Very big ones, very little ones and everything in-between can always be found sauntering along Monaco's streets. We've taken a few moments to chat with some proud dog owners about their best friends to find out what makes them so special.

In the first in a series, Siri Trang Khalsa spoke with Vanessa Ilsley about her West Highland White Terriers, Domino and Nellie.
1.  What do you like about Westies?
“My husband has always had Westies, they have lots of character and are very loyal.  It's good to have two together."
2.  Did you have dogs growing up?
"My parents both worked with dogs professionally and that is how they met.  My mother still has dogs and always has several around, and now runs a German Shepherd Rescue Charity.”
3.  Where are your dogs most happy?
“They love London where they can be let off their leash and walk by the river."
4.  What is the best part about having dogs?
"The unconditional love, and they are always so pleased to see you.  Plus many of the people I know in Monaco, I met through our dogs."
5.  What are their favourite special treats?
"Some mornings they get a yummy treat: a croissant from Bouchon."
6.  Do they have very different personalities?
"Yes, Nellie likes to have a perch and keep an eye on everything.  She is also very jealous of other girl dogs.  Domino loves his tennis balls and can play with them endlessly."
7.  Are they well-behaved?
"Well, mostly, but not always, but they never go far from me." 

Vanessa Isley is President of the British Association of Monaco and a long-time resident of the Principality.

TEXT: Siri Trang Khalsa, the owner of BOMO, Monaco's English bookshop, and future dog-owner.

PHOTO: Kaidi-Katariin Aksiim, an artist photographer, now specialising also in dog portraits. More at


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