Kobe Kreations – Giraudi Group’s newest product

Giraudi MeatsMonaco’s premium meat distributor, Giraudi, has launched a new product, Kobe Kreations, consisting of a range of Kobe beef products aimed at restaurants worldwide. The range also caused a stir with the retail trade at Sial Paris, the international food expo that ran last week.

One of the recipes making up the range is Barbagiuan du Munegu Artigianali, with its obvious Monaco connections and consisting of fried dough, Japanese Kobe beef, spinach, ricotta, parmesan and chard.

Other recipes include Kobe beef cooked in beer gravy and chestnuts wrapped in mini raviolis. Giraudi, which also runs several restaurants in the Principality, including Beef Bar, became the first authorised importer of certified Kobe beef to Europe in 2014.

That appointment, and Giraudi’s track record as an importer of premium beef, has made the Monegasque company one of the leaders in the European top-end meat market. The company now sells in excess of 90,000 tonnes of premium meat products every year.