Calais refugee camp closure creates chaos

Migrants and anarchists clashed with police over the weekend ahead of the closure of the so-called Jungle refugee camp outside Calais planned for Monday. The estimated 7,000 residents will be offered places in other refugee centres dispersed thoughout France and 60 buses will be used to transport them.

Authorities estimate that about 200 migrants have succeeded in reaching England by stowing away on vehicles heading for the Port of Calais and Eurotunnel. There have been dozens of fatalities, many involving young people.

On Saturday, the British authorities took a group of adolescent girls to the UK, saying that the dismantling of the camp would otherwise leave them prone to sexual abuse.

Heavy machinery will move in on Tuesday to flatten the tents and shelters left behind and a significant force of police and para-military personnel will be on hand to quell any violent protests.

Meanwhile, the UK continues to fund a three-metre high wall 1 kilometre-long along the road that leads to the Calais ferry port. This replaces a double fence deemed not to be secure enough to stop migrants blocking the access road from the A16 motorway.